Fasted Cardio: A Good Morning Workout?

Morning exercise on an empty stomach is a surprising fitness trend that has many of us confused. So before you start running or working out on empty, read this article and get informed.

Fasted workouts…

…(also known as fasted cardio) involve working out on an empty stomach. It takes several hours for the body to enter the fasted state. Since most of us “fast” through the night, fasted workouts are usually performed first thing in the morning – before we breakfast.

Why, you ask, would anyone willingly skip breakfast? Sometimes exercising on an empty stomach is the only way to squeeze in a workout before the day begins. But the big reason this exercise trend remains popular is that working out on an empty stomach can burn more fat than a workout after food. It’s “scientifically proven.”(1) (2) So what’s the debate?

Well… it’s complicated. Let’s first look at how the body fuels exercise.  

The Science of Fasted Workouts

The body relies on three key energy sources to fuel a workout; the three macronutrients carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Carbohydrates are quickly broken down into glucose, the body’s preferred energy source. Glucose travels through the blood and is stored as glycogen in the muscles and…

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