Exercise During Your Period >> All about Your Menstrual Cycle

by Pauline Six

Here’s the simple truth on a somewhat taboo subject, running on your period is possible. Training is achievable during periods – though, to be honest – it can be less than enjoyable. Here are some simple tips to help you train… every day of the month.

A beautiful depiction: Uta Pippig

In 1996 Uta Pippig won the Boston Marathon, despite heavy losses of menstrual blood. The press largely ignored the blood, and instead celebrated her tenacity as an athlete. The image of her crossing the finish line, legs dripping in blood, illustrates our point perfectly. Yes, she admitted to experiencing pain and even considered dropping out of the race, but she chose to press on and was rewarded with victory for her determination.

Study on the 2015 London Marathon

Not all women can relate to Pippig’s heroic, if not daunting example of perseverance.

A survey was completed of 1,073 female participants of the 2015 London Marathon. Of these women, around 30% of them expressed that their menstrual cycle had a negative impact on their performance and training.(1)

 Most women runners are affected one way or another, so let’s take a deeper look.

Sports and the cycle phases: when to be careful

Knowledge of your cycle…

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