Exercise Bike Review Sunny Health 40lb Flywheel Belt Version

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Review Sunny Health Exercise Bike with 40lb flywheel from Amazon:

Full bike assembly video:

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This is one the best exercise bikes in this price range, great for weight loss (with appropriate weight loss diet) and endurance training. 45 minutes on this beauty will get you a great workout. It is a slim bike because it is super portable but super sturdy.

What I like about it:
The belt version is great for exercise during night time because it is super quiet. Very sturdy and stable for me (220lb). Space conservation, the bike is very slim without compromising stability. The mobility is amazing!! I had other stationary bike before and this one can be very agile and easy to move around the house with the front wheels.

How can this bike improve?
I wish the handlebars are little longer so I can rest my elbows on it sometimes. The handlebars also doesn’t have phone holder or space to hold wallets etc. There is no way to tell how fast or how far I am going or how much calories I burnt. No heart rate monitor, but I guess I can just use a Fitbit.

Love this bike!! Even though it doesn’t have the bells and whistles from a high end exercise bike, it serves the purpose of getting a great workout. Sometimes the bells and whistles will be distracting too. Looking forward to train and loss weight with this exercise bike. Burn those calories!!!..(read more)

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