Elite RIZER In-Depth Review: Climbing + Steering Simulator

The simplest way to explain the new Elite RIZER is that they merged a Wahoo CLIMB with an Elite Sterzo Smart, marrying both the steering aspects of the Sterzo Smart with the up and down functionality of the Wahoo CLIMB. Except, that’d probably ignore perhaps the most interesting piece here: It’s not tied to one brand’s hardware.

Anyone with a smart trainer that allows the rear axle to move can use the RIZER to simulate grades as well as steering. Sure, there’s some added bits in the Elite trainers firmware that provides a slightly better experience today, but ultimately, it technologically it works with any ANT+ FE-C trainer on the market (which, is all of them). But we’ll get into that later on. Just like I’ll talk about some interesting little configuration bits they’ve got in there to address things that annoyed Zwift users on the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB.

Now, I’ve been using the RIZER on and off since earlier this spring. First on a prototype unit, then a near-final production unit, and now a final-final production unit. Once I’m done with this ever-growing pile of poles I’ll have two options: The first to glue them all together and consider a career in exotic dancing, or the second, to send them back to Elite. Given nobody wants to see my pole dance, I’ll get them all re-boxed and have them pick them up. That’s just the way I roll.

0:00 The Basics
0:41 Unboxing & Setup
2:00 Compatibility
4:55 Pairing
5:35 Steering in Zwift
6:42 Gradient Simulator
9:47 Advanced Features
12:11 Wahoo KICKR Integration
13:00 Pricing
14:20 Comparison vs KICKR CLIMB

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