Eddie Hall Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Details of His 500kg Deadlift

Strongman Eddie Hall’s most famous accomplishment is an absolutely monstrous 500kg (1,102-pound) deadlift, a feat so spectacular it has not been surpassed or even repeated since the Briton did it in 2016. So it only makes sense that Hall celebrated reaching the 500K YouTube subscribers by detailing how the hell he was able to accomplish the legendary lift. 

In a near-23-minute video, the strongman shows never before seen footage of the feat of strength and takes the viewers through the preparation, execution, and aftermath of it all.


There are a few takeaways from the video. Perhaps one of the top ones is that Hall revealed he had to put himself into a dark place to get 500kg off the ground. 

There are circumstances, he explained, wherein people can recruit 100 percent of their muscle fibers. This is usually accomplished in life-or-death situations: children tasked with lifting a car off their parent, for example. 

“It’s something that can’t be faked,” Hall says in the video. “If you got a gun to your head and someone saying ‘Pick up that 200 kilo deadlift or I’m going to blow your head off,’ more than likely you’re going to do it.” Hall sat down with psychotherapists and other mental health…

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