Echelon EX5 vs Peloton: Which Exercise Bike is Better?

Echelon EX5 vs Peloton: Which Exercise Bike is Better?
What’s up guys! Welcome to yet another video. Today, we will be comparing two of the best and newest premium fitness bikes in the market – the Echelon Connect EX5 and Peloton bike.

Checkout the Echelon EX5:
Checkout the Peloton:

The main difference between the Echelon EX5 and Peloton is price. Generally speaking, home exercise bikes cost quite a bit of money ranging between hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, there are so many brands and options today that you do not have to break the bank. The Echelon EX5 is considerably cheaper than the premium Peloton bike. For the Echelon, prices start at around $1200 while the Peloton starts at $1899. There are however additional costs for the Echelon as they charge an extra $150 for delivery and $199 if you want to get the bike assembled. Other than that, both bikes require you to pay membership subscriptions for the online interactive classes such as spin class at $39 per month. All in all, the Echelon is cheaper than the Peloton model…(read more)

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