This is is my Echelon EX4S initial impressions review. I just opened figured out how to assemble the Echelon EX-4s and my first thoughts are this is a pretty good indoor cycling bike from costco for about $1000.

It will be interesting to see how the Echelon connect EX4S compares to the $500 walmart echelon connect sport which that video is coming soon so stay tuned. The Echelon EX4S comes with a free year of echelon app services from my understanding. The flywheel of the Echelon EX4S feels really nice in comparison to the cheaper echelon bike. If you’re thinking about getting a peloton bike, the echelon bike may be a good peloton alternative. the echelon ex3 is about the same price as this bike. also the echelon ex5 and echelon ex5s are similar to this bike in the mechanics…(read more)

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