Echelon Connect Sport vs Sunny SF-B1805 – $600 Sunny Bike compared to $500 Echelon Bike review

Sunny 1805: ($599, in stock?)
Echelon bike: ($499, sold out)
Both the Sunny sf-b1805 and echelon connect sport (aka echelon connect ex-15) are priced about the same, and each bike has it’s unique pros and cons. In this video we dive in and explore the similarities and differences between the $500 Echelon connect sport from walmart or amazon and compare it to the slightly more expensive $600 Sunny bike model 1805. In a sense this video is a simultaneous Sunny sf-b1805 review and walmart or amazon echelon connect sport review, but I do have more in depth, concise, and thorough reviews on each of these bikes on my channel.
For starters both of these popular peloton alternative bikes are belt drive and magnetic resistance, but the drive train feel on each bike is significantly different due to the flywheel weight on the echelon connect sport compared to the Sunny sf-b1805. The echelon connect flywheel weight is only 15.4 lbs where as the Sunny sf-b1805 has a flywheel weight of 44 lbs, which is more than the peloton bike plus itself and the
echelon connect sport indoor cycling exercise bike.

The echelon bike has the sunny bike beat out of the box in terms of metrics displayed in the stock form. On the echelon connect bike from walmart all you need to do is connect your smart phone and you can download the echelon app and get your metrics for free, you don’t get the rides unless you a member though.

On the sunny bike 1805 model you need to attach additional hardware if you want your metrics such as cadence or power output. For some people this may be a big deal since it costs extra money on a bike that’s already $100 more out of the gate.

One benefit to the Sunny sf-b1805 is the bike has no electronics so you aren’t dependent on any electronics working, or hooking up any power cords to get the full experience of the sunny bike after you assemble it.

I hope this video helps inform you about the Sunny bike model 1805, I will be doing more Sunny sf-b1805 reviews and comparison videos soon.

Both the echelon connect sport indoor cycling exercise bike and sunny bike are good bikes, but both offer different benefits.

0:00 intro
2:54 adjustability

4:15 seats and height
5:45 handlebars
7:15 geometry and max weight
8:15 pedals
9:22 sunny ride comments
12:10 echelon ride comments
15:24 sunny compare comments
16:10 sunny medium resistance
19:19 sunny 1805 max resistance
20:00 echelon max resistance
20:30 sunny drive train comments
22:19 max resistance compared to Peloton
23:15 echelon max compared to peloton
23:50 summary
28:22 which would I choose..(read more)

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