Echelon Connect Sport Review – Indoor Cycling WITHOUT Peloton Price!

Echelon EX-15: (in stock)
The Echelon Connect Sport can be your ticket to Peloton style training WITHOUT the hefty price tag of the Peloton indoor cycling bike. Echelon Smart Connect is nearly identical to the Echelon EX-15: (in stock)

EX-PRIME (very similar to connect sport!) – Comparison of Echelon EX PRIME
compared to the bike in this video, at first glance.
Clip in Pedals:
TIEM cycling shoes:
iPad Holder:
Weight holder bag:
Cellphone Holder:

In this Echelon review I share our experience with the Echelon Connect Sport indoor cycling bike over the past 2 months and 50 rides. To make a long story short, this indoor cycling bike offers a tremendous bang for the buck in terms of what you get with your hard earned money, and it’s very similar to the new echelon smart connect EX PRIME offered from amazon. In this video you will learn about some of the issues we’ve had with our Echelon connect sport, and some of the problems you may have if you get one. You will also learn about the dimensions of the product and how to adjust the handlebars and the seat and where you change the resistance. If you’re interested in buying this bike but it’s sold out, the echelon smart connect EX-PRIME from amazon is the same price and is usually actually in stock and ready to ship. We also include a timelapse of how to build the Echelon connect sport and explain how simple the process is. If you can’t find the plug for the Echelon connect sport be sure to check the very back of the bike, this is where the plug in connection is located. Also you will find the Echelon connect sport serial number on the lower right portion of this indoor cycling bike. Obviously Peloton is the big name and leading brand of indoor cycling spin classes, but there are many other options available on the market. We believe the Echelon connect sport is one of the best values on the market, and the echelon smart connect EX PRIME ranks right up there with it for a budget indoor cycling bike at about $600. This is especially true if you already have a tablet or an iPad, because you don’t need to buy one to attach to your indoor cycling bike. If you simply buy a pair of cycling shoes and clip in pedals you can basically get a huge portion of what Peloton bikes have to offer at a fraction of the cost. If you found this Echelon connect sport bike review helpful please click the like button, and if you have any questions please leave a comment for me to get back to you about it!..(read more)

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