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This is my Echelon Bike review, in this video you see the $500 echelon ex-15 which was renamed from the Amazon Prime Bike, and it’s also mostly the same as the Walmart Echelon Connect Sport. In the next few minutes I’m going to rate it on a scale of 0 – 10 in each of the ten separate categories of the TailHappy Score and discuss my thoughts and opinions along the way, then at the end of this Echelon review i’ll add up the individual category ratings and give the Echelon Bike (aka the echelon connect or the echelon ex-15 or echelon sport) a TailHappy Score to see how this bike compares on a scale from 0-100 to other popular peloton alternative indoor cycling bikes.

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Starting this echelon bike review with the basics, the Echelon connect bike costs about $500 depending when and where you buy it from, I got my echelon on Amazon and it shipped to my front door for free it’s not calle dthe echelon prime anymore, they renamed it to the echelon ex-15 and it’s the same bike as the echelon connect sport in walmart. It’s a relatively silent machine with it’s belt driven, magnetic resistance 15.4 pound fly wheel, which leads me straight into the first category of the tailhappy score, and probably one of the most important components of a bike; the Drive train feel, which simply put is, how does the drive train feel overall? Some bikes feel amazing to get on and put power down to the pedals, and they beg you to push them harder and they feel great to ride, while others just kinda feel like you’re riding with a flat tire and don’t really inspire you to push harder and get that feel good factor back from the drive train.

We’ve had this echelon bike connect sport for longer than any of the other 5 indoor cycling bikes I currently have in my apartment right now, and this was the initial indoor bike we bought as a cheaper peloton alternative, which we have since purchased the peloton bike, and I did compare this echelon bike head to head vs the $2,495 peloton bike plus in another video so check that video out next if you’d like to see how this echelon bike stacks up against the king of indoor cycling.

When we first got started with indoor cycling, it simply didn’t make sense to drop thousands of dollars on an indoor bike plus an additional $39 per month for the peloton digital app, so $500 for the echelon connect plus only having to pay $13 per month for the peloton digital app sounded a lot more appealing, however, the drive train feel category doesn’t measure value, we’ll get to that category in just a moment.

Simply put the drive train on the echelon connect feels really nice. This bike does have magnetic resistance, it’s belt driven, and even though the echelon faq page has the fly wheel mass listed at 7 kg, aka 15.4 lbs, the inertia from the flywheel is pretty good and it’s a nice feeling drive train. After spending quite a bit of time on this bike and also hoping on and off this bike and comparing between 6 highly popular indoor cycling bikes side by side overall i’d give this bike a 7 out of 10 on drive train feel.

The next category on the tailhappy score is Max resistance, which is exactly what you think it is, how high does that resistance knob crank up to. On the echelon bike connect sport and prime, the answer is 32, but that number doesn’t mean anything, how hard is the bike to pedal while on max resistance.

The echelon bike give you cadence, resistance, and power. Can you see these numbers displayed on the echelon indoor bike somehow? For the echelon connect sport the answer is yes since this bike is bluetooth enabled and all you need to do is hook up the echelon app to the bike and you don’t need to pay for the echelon subscription to get these numbers, just put the app into freestyle mode and you get the cadence, resistance, and estimated power output right there on the screen on the app. Since there isn’t a display on the echelon ex-15 bike you do need to hook up your own device to get these numbers, which is a minor inconvenience, overall I give the echelon bike sport connect an 8 out of 10 for metrics…(read more)

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