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Does it feel like 2020 is really over?

Or does everything feel the same?

Well, tomorrow will feel the same, too, unless you choose to feel different this time

Here’s how to kick-start your fitness journey and feel a change in just 21 days! 

Why you need to try this free workout calendar

In the 21IN21 calendar you get all you need to kick-start a different, healthier lifestyle:

Guided home workouts (no equipment)Nutrition advice to feel healthier day by dayTips to help you change your habits

Get inspired by a new feeling every single day for 21 days!

Ready to start?

How to use the 21IN21 calendar

It’s all digital and easy:

Save the full 21IN21 calendar on your device or print it.Download the free adidas Running app and adidas Training app that will guide your workouts!Set a personal workout goalImplement one tip a day to discover new healthy habits that work for YOU!1. Get the full calendar

Click on the image to download the full version of the 21IN21 calendar.

2. Download free adidas Running & Training apps

Not familiar with the free adidas apps yet?

You can get:

Home workouts with no equipment for all fitness levelsGPS tracking for your outdoor activities, live cheering, personal goals optionA Workout Creator tool to create a workout…

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