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Many people want to know how they can naturally increase testosterone. It is commonly assumed that lifting weights and strength training is the only way to increase testosterone; however, running also increases testosterone. Keep reading to learn about the basics of testosterone and why it’s important for athletic performance.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is mostly known as the male sex hormone. However, everyone has some amount of testosterone inside them. Sex primarily dictates how much the human body produces. People with penises produce testosterone in the testes, while those with vulvas produce smaller testosterone in their ovaries. This is important to keep in mind as different physiologies will benefit from different testosterone increasing activities.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for stimulating facial and pubic hair growth, lower voice and packing on muscle. For females, too much testosterone can lead to balding. 

Testosterone Research and why It’s a Popular Steroid

To understand the effect of testosterone, consider the following study by a research group under the supervision of Shalender Bhasin, M.D., published in The New England Journal of Medicine:

The study group consisted of 43 male subjects who…

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