Do You Meditate?

Do You Meditate?

HAVE YOU TRIED MEDITATION? And if you did/ or regularly do, do you do it guided? Silent? Still? Walking? Do you drop in easily or is it challenging for you?

I’m not very good at being still or quiet. BUT when it happens- when I CAN drop in and quiet my mind, the benefits feel huge to me and super expansive.

For day 6 of my 30 day expansion challenge I visited the grounds of the self actualization center (where many come to meditate) which I’d NEVER been to in the 17 years I’ve lived in San Diego CA. And it’s only a few miles from where I live! This wasn’t an active or long expansion… I was there maybe 45 minutes but WOW was it GORGEOUS.

You could FEEL the energy there…

It was loaded with:

Bonsai trees (those are hugely spiritual) if I learned correctly, Ghandai and Buddha used to sit under Bonsai trees to think.

A gorgeous Koi pond (soooo tranquil)

Bamboo trees

The most epic birds of paradise, palm trees and…

STUNNING ocean views and paths.

And benches all over to sit, meditate, pray, read or to just BE.

And it’s open to the public and free.

Why the heck had I not explored this before?

Why do we stay so mundane and not venture out and explore in our own cities more?

I met one of the security…

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