Dehydration Symptoms: Not Drinking Enough Water?

More than 50% of the human body is water. Are you drinking enough water? On average, you should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters a day. You can find out how much water you need with this calculator:

Experts recommend that you drink regularly throughout the day to avoid feeling thirsty. If you feel thirsty, this means that your body is already a little dehydrated. Older people can quickly become dehydrated, because they lose the feeling of being thirsty. Children should also be reminded to drink water regularly.

The best thirst quenchers are:

tap water(still) mineral waterunsweetened herbal teas

These are the 9 dehydration symptoms:1. Thirst the classic sign

Thirst is your body’s way of sending an alarm signal. Apparently, it hasn’t been “watered” in time and is now in urgent need of hydration.

 2. Headaches

When we get a headache, we often take a painkiller right away. Frequently, however, it is simply dehydration because the blood is no longer thinned enough and thus less oxygen is transported to the brain. A big glass of water or a hot cup of herbal tea is more natural and better than pills.

Our tip:

Do you forget to drink? Always have a pitcher of water on your desk, set an alarm on your phone or download apps that remind…

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