Dang We Are Mean to Ourselves

30 Dec Dang We Are Mean to Ourselves

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by Natalie Jill

Dang we can be so mean  to ourselves 🙁

ESPECIALLY During the holidays. Between Christmas and New Years we are enjoying friends and family and those yummy unavoidable treats. We have FUN, we splurge and THEN we tend to go into beating ourselves up and that does not serve anything well

If however, you can learn to RE-FRAME your thoughts you will enter into 2022 a LOT more empowered and a head of the game when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

Want to try Re-Framing? Start like this…

You didn’t “over eat”’ or “eat terrible” you ENJOYED THE HOLIDAYS

You aren’t “lazy” you are TAKING A MUCH NEEDED BREAK.


You aren’t “off track” you are GETTING CLEAR ON WHAT YOU REALLY DESIRE.

What we give attention to GROWS.

Our body is listening to what our mind is fixated on. Read that again.

Work on “reframing”.  In other words, switch your perspective from circumstance to possibilities and your life changes.

You are not broken, there is nothing “wrong with…

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