CYCLACE Exercise Bike REVIEW and comparisons!

CYCLACE – (on sale)
The Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary on Amazon is a really popular Peloton alternative. Many people compare the Cyclace vs Yosuda and other popular options like the Joroto X2 and the Echelon connect sport. This Cyclace review will show you all of the pros and cons of this 330 lb weight capacity indoor cycling bike to help you make an informed decision on whether you should be a peloton bike, or a real spin bike, or a generic brand stationary exercise bike.

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In this video i compare the cyclace vs yosuda as well as cyclace vs sunny and even the cyclace vs joroto to some degree on certain aspects. I have full reviews on each of these bikes on my channel so check the links above.

0:00 important
1:41 POV tour
3:46 seat
4:45 unique handlebars
6:31 adjustability
8:45 max height
9:05 min height
9:50 screen
11:42 ride comments
14:20 resistance range
16:50 high resistance
18:52 noise
19:37 resistance pad
20:10 final thoughts


Video on pedals:
how to clip in/out (video):

Wahoo Cadence sensor:
Favorite Heart rate monitor (video, scosche):
Scosche Rhythm+

order directly from Schwinn: (IN STOCK)

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