Comedians Interview Healthcare Workers for COVID-19 Relief

If you’re looking to do something for all those healthcare workers who don’t have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic—but you’ve got zero sewing skills—Rob Corddry’s got the answer. Tonight, the actor and comedian from shows like Ballers and Medical Police is hosting an online event tonight called Funny You Should Mask.

Coronavirus: Here’s What Experts Are Saying About the Global Health Threat

It benefits Project C.U.R.E., an organization that sends PPE to healthcare workers in hospitals bravely battling the novel coronavirus. Watch Kumail Nanjiani, Ken Jeong—who, fun fact, is an actual physician—Nicole Byer, Eric Andre, and Sasheer Zamata interview those doctors and nurses on the frontline about what their experience has been (spoiler alert: tough as hell) and what support and equipment they need to stay safe and save lives.

You’ll hear from a nurse who works in an underserved community, transplant doctors who have to perform delicate surgeries in the midst of a pandemic, an epidemiologist on what needs to happen to end this thing, and more.

“There’s nothing funny about coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean a little levity…

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