Checklist for Your Next Race

Preparation is everything, also when it comes to running. It might be the deciding factor in whether you reach the finish line and your goal time or not. To help you make the most of your next race, we’ve prepared a running equipment checklist for you. Go through it and make your next running race a success.

When it comes to your running equipment, there’s one vital rule you should always keep in mind: NEVER run with shoes, clothes, accessories, drinks, snacks, etc. you haven’t tried before – multiple times. There’s nothing worse than new running shoes that hurt, recently bought socks that lead to blisters or a smartwatch without battery.

Therefore, try your equipment beforehand & make sure everything works for you!

Running gear:

Running shoes your feet are already used to. Running clothes you feel comfortable in, with which you’ve run longer distances and are sure don’t rub and irritate your skin. Running socks that suit you. Some runners prefer compression socks. Find out which are comfortable and keep your feet dry and blister-free. adidas Running app on your phone (or compatible smartwatch) to track your performance. Make sure your battery is charged!

Be prepared for any weather condition:

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