Cheap Indoor Bike Review | Stationary Bike Test (2021)

In this episode we will review this very cheap indoor bike. Will this stationary bike hold up to the test? Let see and find out.

00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Unboxing of the Indoor Bike
00:45 – Step One of Stationary Bike Assembly
01:15 – Step Two of Indoor Bike Assembly
01:39 – Step Three of Stationary Bike Assembly
01:54 – Step Four of Indoor Bike Assembly
02:28 – Step Five
02:38 – Step Six
03:06 – Testing the Cheap Indoor Bike
03:15 – Some Thoughts
03:42 – Conclusion

Assembly Instruction:

Step One : Fasten the rear stabilizer on the frame with bolts, washers and cap nuts with the provided open-end wrench, then fasten the front stabilizer on the frame by the same way

Step Two: Install the handle bar post in the frame using the knob with pins. then put the handle bar on the handle bar post. Fasten the handle bar with countersunk socket head screws and washers. Adjust the knobbed pin for your desired handle bar height.

Step Three: Install the seat post on the frame, then fasten the seat ot the seat post. Tighten the screws on the seat with the wrench. The distance between the front and back of the seat can be adjusted using the knob.

Step Four: These are the pedals which are maked with “L” and “R” stickers. when you install the pedals, Place the “R” pedal in the threaded hole of the “R” crank. Please make sure that the threads are aligned. Turn the pedals clockwise by hand until it stops rotating, then use an open spanner to tighten it further. After that, install the pedal strap. then repeat the procedure for the other pedal and crank.

These following steps are not included in the manual but we will include it here.

Step Five: Install the water bottle holder – this is easily done by screwing the holder to the frame.

Step Six: Install the Bike Computer. Put the provided battery inside the battery compartment. Then attach the computer to the handle post bracket, then screw the bracket down tightly. After that, attach the sensor cord from the bike frame to the bike computer.

And the Bike is now done.

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