CAROL REHIT Bike Review: How I've Improved my Vo2Max in 2 Years

CAROL is a stationary reduced exertion high-intensity interval training (REHIT) bike that can improve your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness (Vo2Max) using artificial intelligence. What makes CAROL unique is that its signature workout is only 8 minutes and 40 seconds long, including two 20-second sprints.

Despite that short workout duration, CAROL provides the same benefits as much longer workouts, and studies have confirmed that riding CAROL three times per week (for a total of 26 minutes of exercise) yields the following health benefits:

– Improved cardiorespiratory fitness by 12% as measured by VO2max.
– Increased HDL cholesterol by 6%.
– Reduced triglycerides by 10%.
– Reduced blood pressure by 5%.
– Reduced blood sugar by 2%.

I’ve had the CAROL bike for over two years, and in this review, I explain how effective the bike has been for improving my cardiovascular fitness and related metrics.

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[Chapter Markers]

0:00 – Intro
2:30 – What Is REHIT and How Does It Compare to HIIT Workouts?
5:00 – Demo of CAROL’s Signature 8-Minute Workout
13:06 – What Happened Inside My Body During Those Sprints
18:00 – Why You Can’t Replicate the CAROL Workout on a Regular Spinning Bike
23:29 – What Other Types of Workouts Can You Do on CAROL?
27:50 – CAROL Hardware and Software
31:28 – CAROL Pricing and Discount Code
33:22 – Who Can Benefit from CAROL?
35:19 – Frequently Asked Questions
39:28 – Wrap Up

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