Can I Prevent and Treat Age-Related Muscle Loss?


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Sarcopenia: symptoms to watch for

People who suffer from sarcopenia experience a loss of muscle mass. This loss of strength also results in increased weakness and less mobility. This, in return, can increase the risk of injury, such as fractures from falls (e.g., broken hips, collarbones, legs, arms, wrists).

Please note:

If you experience one or more of these symptoms or just have the feeling that you might suffer from sarcopenia, please talk to your doctor.

What might cause sarcopenia?You are not moving enough or are immobile

If you don’t use or challenge your muscles regularly, they will become lazy, leading to faster muscle mass and strength loss and increased weakness.(7)

For instance, if you need bed rest after being ill or an injury, you may experience rapid muscle loss. Also, 3-4 weeks of little to no walking and physical activity can already lead to a loss of muscle mass. It’s a vicious cycle: The more your strength decreases, the more fatigued you will become, making it more…

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