Build Your Own Peloton-Style Exercise Bike and Save Money

While biking outdoors is on the lower end of the coronavirus risk spectrum, getting an indoor exercise bike has definitely become a more appealing prospect these past few months. In the video above, I decide to build my own exercise bike rather than spend over $2,000 on a Peloton.

Bike trainer to the rescue

I borrowed a bike from a friend and already had a smartphone, so all I needed was a bike trainer. I chose this $116 option from ProRide because it had decent reviews, came with a phone holder and the color was Lifehacker green.

Setting up the bike trainer took just 10 minutes, and after attaching my phone to the handlebars and firing up the Peloton app, I was off to the races.

Compared to a Peloton

Was my DIY exercise bike going to give me the $2,000 Peloton experience? No, of course not. But for a fraction of the price, it worked better than I expected.

-Abu Zafar

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