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Bowflex Velocore Ride Experience
Verdict: The lean feature is cool – but not a game changer. The lean feature does make riding more interesting and realistic – and, it doesn’t require a separate motor! This means there is less to break or wear out over time. Leaning makes the ride more fun and does engage some oblique muscles. This really is an innovative design that makes the bike fun and functional without adding something else to break.

Who It’s For: Cyclists who want more engagement on an indoor exercise bike
This bike is well-suited for those who:

Have good balance and core strength sufficient to allow for leaning side to side
Can climb up on a bike to exercise
Want a fully integrated experience with an attached touchscreen and content
Have a bit of cycling experience and/or are comfortable trying something new
Can afford the $2200 sticker price plus a monthly subscription
Have a strong wifi connection since it is required to fully operate the bike

Velocore Review Summary
The Bowflex Velocore is a unique bike that creates a fun ride experience. The JRNY app content is good and the screen is very clear. This is a great option for riders who are looking for something different. We like how the lean feature doesn’t require a separate motor. There’s less to break. It will support larger riders and feels stable while you’re on it. While we can’t vouch for durability, since the bike is new on the market, it does feel very well built and we don’t anticipate any ongoing structural issues related to the lean feature. This is impressive engineering by Bowflex. Check this one out!

0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – Who It’s Best For
2:55 – Construction
7:33 – Console
11:33 – Functionality
19:22 – Conclusion

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