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07 Feb Botanical Gardens Visit

Botanical Gardens Visit

I LOVE plants but the story I’ve been telling myself is that I am one of those people that cant keep plants alive. I’ve tried. I over water, forget to water, put them in the wrong light, or who knows but they never last.

But ohhhhh how I appreciate them and will continue to appreciate them OUTSIDE… in the ground

For day 20 of my expansion challenge I visited the Botanical Gardens. My 14 year old daughter went with me (even though I had to bribe her with chocolate to get her to go)

It was a gigantic 5 miles of garden trails with more than 5,000 plant species.

SERIOUSLY, A botanist or horticulturist dream. But also cool for us average non botanist/horticulturists.

It even had 15 gardens that represent different regions of the world, AND the largest public bamboo collection.

It was another one of those days where I did not know when I woke up WHAT my expansion experience would be but pulled out a map in the middle of other commitments and VOILA… a park I had not visited before in the 17 years I’ve lived in San Diego.

It’s amazing how when our intention is clear we find what we are searching for.

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