The Pro-Form 290 SPX is an excellent exercise bike! It is well-built and affordable. Most other exercise bikes cost at least twice as much and are made primarily of cheap plastic that is pront to break. The Proform 290 SPX is made of durable metal and the wheel is very heavy too! It comes with standard bicycle pedals with optional toe cages but I opted to put some SPD clipless pedals on it! I love this exercise bike!!! However, the friction pads are wearing unevenly and are wearing out quickly. I contacted the manufacturer but they refused to replace them for free. I cannot find an aftermarket place to buy replacement pads and/or felt. The manufacturer charges approximately $27 for each pad, which is ridiculous in my opinion. Has anyone else encountered this problem and what did you do to fix it? That is my only complaint so far with this exercise bike. Although it’s frustrating, I guess that paying to replace over-priced friction pads every year or so is less expensive and less of a hassle than having to try to repair broken plastic on other exercise bikes =) Please feel free to share this video with others! Filmed with iPhone 5 camera and uploaded to YouTube from iPhone 5 in HD…(read more)

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