BEST indoor cycling bike UNDER $500 for Apple Fitness+ cycling or Peloton App, etc

Echelon EX-15 Connect: (check availability)
Joroto discount: Coupon: TAILHAPPY (-$20, free shipping too)
Sunny Bike: (price varies)
Joroto X2: (Amazon price)
The truth is there isn’t one single BEST indoor cycling bike under $500, but in this video I explain the best and worst things about 5 indoor bikes under $500 that i personally own, all of which can be used with the new apple fitness+ plus app, so you can decide what works for your particular needs. Apple fitness+ cycling can be used on any bike you’d like, so if you want a indoor bike for less than a peloton you may like what some of these bikes have to offer.
Joroto X2: (check price)

Sunny Bike: (price varies)
Echelon Connect: (check availability)
Yosuda review:
Joroto review: (score at end of vid)
Echelon connect review:
Proform review:
Sunny initial impressions:
I will have apple fitness+ vs peloton videos coming soon as the new service is rolled out today. there will be apple fitness+ cycling classes as well as many other features that can be used with these budget indoor cycling bikes under $500 as well as no equipment at all. If you want a peloton bike alternative you may find some good options in this line up of my hand selected and reviewed indoor bike collection in my kitchen…(read more)

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