Best Fan Bike – Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Review & Showing How To Use It

Best Fan Bike – Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Review and showing you how to use it in the video. You might like to click the following link —

to read an in depth review about this air fan bike. It will show you where to buy it online.

This is the best fan bike I have gotten to help me keep fit with my body. I like this bike a lot and I have had this air bike since 2013. That is 5 years already. It is still in very good condition. I do use it pretty often and I am especially trying to keep my weight down.

This Marcy Air 1 bike can be used for someone who weighs up to 300 pounds.

If you are thinking this bike won’t work for you then you might be wrong since this Marcy fan exercise bike has seated adjustments. You can adjust the seat from 29 inches to 41 inches in height. That is plenty of room and adjusting the seat is fairly easy.

This Marcy air fan bike is awesome because the faster you petal the bigger the wind will come out from the fan. It will also tell you how many calories you have burned, and the total amount of time you have been using it until your have pressed the reset button. It will also tell you the distance how far you have traveled in miles.

The displaying screen uses only 2 double AA batteries which will usually last you about 3 months of normal usage.

When the bike is not in use, it will tell you the current room temperature, today’s date and the current time if you have set the correct time. It is pretty useful for me with the current room temperature. I always like to know what is the room temperature and I don’t need to buy an extra thermometer.

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