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Bowflex C6:
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Sole SB900:
MYX Fitness Bike:
NordicTrack S15i:
Echelon EX5s:
Sole SB700:
ProForm Studio Bike Pro:
Peloton Bike:

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Best Exercise Bikes of 2021
Exercise bikes have exploded in popularity in the last few years — and one reason is the engaging content that is now available on many bikes. Rather than spin inside alone in a dark room, indoor cycling bikes now feature full-color interactive touchscreens with live classes, personal trainers, crisp outdoor landscapes, and even a full 24-stage breakdown of the Tour de France. We have researched, tested, and compared the best exercise bikes on the market, and here is our breakdown for 2021. So jump on, and try one out!

NordicTrack S22i
Our favorite bike overall, the s22i is quiet, compact, has an attached 22” touchscreen and includes iFit content free for the first year. There are indoor studio rides, outdoor routes, and our favorite feature? The s22i inclines and declines! The 20% incline and 10% decline allows the bike to tilt up and down while you ride to make the experience feel much more realistic.

Bowflex C6
Looking for something affordable that is well-built but doesn’t require a subscription? The Bowflex C6 is a great option. This comfortable bike has hybrid pedals so you can ride it clipped in or with regular shoes. The magnetic resistance is super quiet and features 100 resistance levels so you can really dial in your desired resistance!

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22
Another great iFit bike, the Pro 22 has a 22” touchscreen and includes iFit free for the first year. This bike also has magnetic resistance with 34 resistance levels adjusted on the touchscreen. The Pro 22 provides an affordable option for those looking for a touchscreen bike with engaging content that won’t break the bank.

Sole SB900
The Sole SB900 is another great option if you want a sturdy bike that offers a great ride experience but doesn’t require a subscription. Like the Bowflex C6, the SB900 has hybrid pedals and magnetic resistance with an impressive 48lb flywheel! You can stand up, sit down, and ride for hours on this comfortable, affordable bike.

MYX Fitness Exercise Bike
A newer model on our list is the MYX Fitness bike. It also includes an attached 22” touchscreen with proprietary MYX Fitness content. The included armband heart rate strap records your heart rate so you can keep track of your calories and exertion during each ride.

NordicTrack S15i
The cutest little sister to the Nordictrack s22i is the s15i. It’s essentially the same bike, only with a smaller 15” screen. This bike includes the 20% incline and 10% decline and automated resistance in iFit. If you want something like the s22i but would like to save a few dollars and are content with a slightly smaller screen, the s15i is great.

Echelon EX5s
Echelon has several different bike frame options in their lineup and of those, the EX5s is our favorite. This bike features a 21” touchscreen which supports Echelon’s FitApp training.

Sole SB700
The Sole SB700 has many of the same features as the SB900 only it incorporates friction rather than magnetic resistance and doesn’t have hybrid pedals. You can use any athletic shoe on this comfortable, affordable bike. The Bluetooth console is easy to use and provides a quick overview of your ride details.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro
The ProForm Studio Bike Pro is another iFit bike with a slightly smaller 10” touchscreen. There’s no incline or decline on this bike, but you still get an amazing ride experience at a reasonable price.

Peloton Bike/Peloton Bike+
Rounding out our top list is the ever-popular Peloton Bike. This bike revolutionized the exercise industry with its subscription content. The bike itself is very stable and comfortable and the subscription content continues to set the bar.

Introduction – 0:00
5 MYX Fitness Bike – 0:51
4 Sole SB900 – 2:39
3 ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 – 4:25
2 Bowflex C6 Bike – 6:06
1 NordicTrack S22i – 8:02
6 NordicTrack S15i – 10:30
7 Echelon EX5s – 11:03
8 Sole SB700 – 11:40
9 ProForm Studio Bike Pro – 12:15
10 Peloton Bike/Bike+ – 13:08
Conclusion – 13:40

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