Best Desk Bike? FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Review!

Is this the best exercise desk bike? This is my review of the FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro!
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I’m a big fan of standing desks. I’ve been using one for almost 5 years now and although they are better for you compared to sitting all day, it’s not that good for your body to stand all day either. If you’re at a desk the majority of your day it’s actually best to switch between standing and sitting along with some movement & exercise breaks in between. After years of using a standing desk I’ve noticed that when I stand for most of the day my hips and legs feel very tight.

Today’s review is of the #FlexiSpot all-in-one #DeskBike called the Deskcise Pro. I’ve been waiting for a company to come out with a high quality desk bike, and this one actually won a CES innovation award this year which was intriguing so I quickly agreed to review it.

My primary reason for wanting a desk bike is to incorporate more movement, even if it’s subtle, while I’m working so my body doesn’t feel as stiff as it would if I were standing the majority of the time and just to get my blood flowing. In this review I’m going to cover the most important features in a desk bike for me: Simplicity, Sturdiness, Comfort, Quietness

FlexiSpot claims this has a 1-minute assembly which I do believe is possible if you’re already familiar with the assembly guide and what all goes where and how to connect it. The pedals come with silicon covers so if you have sensitive feet like me you can pedal barefoot without wincing in pain. It has a cup holder in the middle below the seat, which is located right between your legs so I wouldn’t trust having an open drink in it because I’d be afraid of easily knocking it over. One of my favorite features is how quick & easy it is to adjust the location of the desktop and the height of the seat.

It also has a digital display that keeps track of your current stats like distance traveled, speed, and other things which is kind of nice if you want to set a riding goal during your work sessions. The desktop does have some slight wiggle if you apply enough force but it does come with an allen wrench to tighten the screw to help minimize that. But if you’re riding the bike and have your wrists or arms on the desktop there’s virtually no wiggle or shakiness. Just the slight weight of my arms or wrists helps stabilize it enough to where I can type on my laptop with no problems at all while I’m pedaling which is a huge plus when it comes to this type of setup. And the whole bike is also heavy enough so that the wheels don’t move around while pedaling even on a hardwood floor.

I’m 6’3″ and slim, and the seat and desktop raise up high enough for me to ride and work fairly comfortably. And if you already own a standing desk this fits nicely underneath so you can use it in conjunction with your existing desk. And since this is an “all in one” desk bike you can also use this as its own standing desk by standing in front of the desktop, and to my surprise the desktop is high enough for someone as tall as me to use it as a standing desk. … It is a great fit for my 13″ MacBook Pro but if I had a 15″ or larger laptop it wouldn’t leave me with much extra room on the surface. … Now I’ve been told I have a rump aka a donk, but I must have a bony butt when I’m sitting because although the seat feels comfortable when I first sit on it, after about 30-45 minutes of sitting and riding, my butt gets numb which doesn’t feel very great. So I have to get up and walk around every 45 minutes or so when using this bike which is I guess what I should be doing anyway, but I’d love if I could sit on it comfortably for up to an hour which other people may find possible. … Also when I’m pedaling, the inside of my ankles come extremely close to the pedal arms so I have to position my feet a bit to the outer side of the pedals to avoid my ankles hitting the pedal arms as I’m riding so I do wish the pedals were just a bit wider.

This could change after months or years of use, but I’ve been using this for a month and it’s still very quiet when pedaling. There are no squeaks or rattles, it’s about as quiet as a desk bike can possibly be which I love.

I like the FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro desk bike and I think it’s definitely worth it if you want to be a little more active during your work sessions, if you have enough space in your office to use it, and if you’re using a compact laptop for your work. This won’t support a big dual-monitor setup, but it’s a nice fit for people who don’t need a ton of desktop space and want more movement during work.

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Best Desk Bike? FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Review
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