Best Bodyweight Strength Training for Women

With so many bodyweight workouts available for women out there, it’s hard to choose. On top of that, every woman is different. So there is no “one workout fits all” solution. 

Finding a fun way to work on your personal goal is how your fitness story comes to life. Looking for a bodyweight workout to start right away? 

Stop the scrolling madness and try out these recommendations

Depending on your goal, fitness level, and experience, you can: 

Start with one of the video bodyweight workouts (that our female users love!) Or…

Get a free personalized strength training for women with the Workout Creator. 

Start with a workout video: 4 unique bodyweight workouts What makes these bodyweight workouts special? 

8-20 min long, easy to follow along  Female users around the world love them  Each one has a different focus 

Depending on your time and goal, pick the one that works best for you. 

Bodyweight workout #1: Toned Legs and Glutes 

Duration: 15 minutes 

Focus: Legs and glutes 

This workout is perfect to start strengthening your lower body. And if you sit a lot, your glutes need your attention, for sure. For an extra challenge, you can always do the workout twice! If you are looking to add variety to your lower body…

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