Best 4 Tips for Running in Summer


Finally summer is here and you can go for a run and enjoy the nice weather! But the first runs in the heat are always difficult and you need to adjust your pace until you get used to it. To avoid the high temperatures in the summer, plan your runs for morning or evenings. Don’t forget to protect your skin with sunblock and drink plenty of water. If you are going on a longer run or it is very hot, be sure to carry a water bottle with you. Try our liquid requirement calculator to find out exactly how much water you should drink when you exercise. 

Additionally, the proper running apparel is crucial. You don’t want to head out for a run only to realize you’ve chosen the wrong fit or fabric. Here are some things to look out for…

4 Running Apparel Tips for Running in the Heat
1. Avoid cotton!

The running apparel and footwear that you choose can either make or break your workout. One of the worst experiences is to go out for a run and be completely overheated and sweating because you chose the wrong outfit. 

There’s one rule that everyone should be aware of: COTTON HATES SUMMER! The only thing you definitely don’t need when it’s warm outside is a material that absorbs your sweat, and cotton does that….

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