Best 10 Foods for a Plant-Based Diet

“Where do you get your protein?” It’s the first and most common question vegans are asked about their plant-based diet. This is an especially relevant topic for athletes who follow a vegan diet and have higher protein requirements. Many people are not aware that you don’t have to consume animal products like meat, eggs, and dairy to get all your macronutrients. Vegan protein can be found in a wide variety of plant-based foods. 

The 10 best vegan protein sources 

Which foods are highest in plant-based protein? We’ve put together a list of the top vegan protein sources of vegan protein for you: 

Calculate your daily protein needs with this simple tool: 

1. Lentils 

Whether they are red, yellow, or brown, lentils are packed with protein and essential nutrients. They are high in fiber (100 g contain 8 g of fiber), which means they keep you full for hours and can help regulate body weight. (1) Lentils are also rich in plant-based iron. This is important for anyone suffering from an iron deficiency. 


100 g of lentils (dried) contains 27 g of vegan protein.

2. Tofu

Tofu is produced from fermented soy beans and can be used in a multitude of creative dishes in vegan cooking. This plant-based protein can be steamed,…

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