Balance and Stability Exercises: Tips for Core Workouts

Many people, when starting their fitness journey, are drawn to the machines at the gym that are only isolating a single muscle at a time. This is really common and, the truth is, we don’t really know any better. We think we are “supposed to go to the gym for our health” and we see all the machines when we get there – it makes sense, right? Wrong! The truth is, the foundation of your fitness routine should be balance and stability exercises in order to activate and strengthen the core and the many stabilizing muscles, improve coordination, decrease the risk of injury and work to eliminate overcompensations that probably have developed over time. And, there are so many effective bodyweight exercises you can do to build this foundation without ever even stepping foot in a gym. Hooray for time and money saved, right?

What is balance and stability training?

Balance and stability training is performing an exercise in, what we call in the fitness industry, a proprioceptively enriched environment. To put it in layman’s terms: an unstable environment. This can be performing an exercise while balancing on one leg, standing on a pillow, BOSU ball or even a rolled up yoga mat. This type of training demands a lot of core…

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