Background and 4 Benefits of Yoga

Everyone seems to be doing yoga these days, from Russell Brand to Madonna. Many of us Runtastics started doing easy yoga for beginners at Runtastic’s free weekly yoga sessions. It was an “ah-ha!” moment for a lot of us. After we personally felt the benefits of yoga, we decided to make yoga a central part of the adidas Training workouts.

Here, we share some of the fun facts that we’ve learned about yoga. We’ll also explain four scientifically-backed benefits of yoga. There’s more! Stay tuned to this blog for more information on why we love yoga and think you will, too.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga, as it’s commonly regarded and practiced today, refers to a series of postures that the practitioner completes in a certain order. The poses are intended to stimulate the physical and emotional body. Some of the goals of yoga are to prime the self for seated meditation, increase overall vitality, and create a sense of connectedness between yogis and their world.

Yoga was founded upon the language of Sanskrit. You will hear many Sanksrit words used in a yoga class. Using Sanskrit names is a way of respecting yoga’s ancient origins. It’s also a way of creating a community across languages and borders. The language of yoga is unique,…

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