ADLEY made a MAGiC PET!! Kids mix a Magical Potion to create a new friend! our baby mixie is born!

Learning how to do real magic 🔮
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HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we did REAL magic!! It started off when Niko told us that he doesn’t believe in magic.. so we needed to prove that magic is real! First Me and Dad showed Niko our “Magic Adley” Trick where Dad holds up a blanket in front of me.. and when he drops the blanket I disappear!! Then Mom told us that she had something that would prove that real magic exists! She came back with 2 big pots that had cute little faces on them. We followed ALL of the directions and added all of the ingredients. It was like we were making a Magic Potion! I was worried I was going to turn into a baby again.. like when I ate that magic cereal! When we were all done we said the magic words “Magicus Mixus” and a CUTE little baby pet Mixie came out, they looked like little fairies! They were super fun to play with but we had to take good care of them like it was a baby day care or they would try to fly away!

Parents, your kids can experience the wonder of real magic with the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron. Watch their imagination come to life as they use their special Wand and magical ingredients to mix a potion that creates REAL Mist and a cute, fully interactive furry friend! Comes with over 50 sounds and reactions, and they can make real magic happen again and again. Don’t wait, this is tipped to be the holidays most sort after toy. Click here to pre-order now
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