Addiction Relapse and Full Recovery with Vasavi Kumar

24 Aug Addiction Relapse and Full Recovery with Vasavi Kumar Posted at 04:45h in Podcast by Natalie Jill Addiction Relapse and Full Recovery with Vasavi Kumar

An Indian immigrant born and raised in NYC, Vasavi Kumar grew up being bullied. She smoked her first cigarette at age 12, had her first drink at age 14 and when her dad didn’t like what she was up to he pulled her from all she knew and put her in private school. This did not help.

Vasavi felt too Indian for schools and friends and too American for her parents. She did not know who she was.

Looking for a way to feel connection and like she fit in. She turned to drugs and alcohol. She connected with others over getting drunk and high.

Married at 28, divorced at 32 she was still on a search to FEEL something. She shared with me that ironically, she always wanted to get high to feel connected but that when she would, she would do it alone.

In a second rock bottom spot, after a relapse from her first attempt to sober up and step into a much more powerful version of herself, Vasavi is now clean. TODAY she is an international public speaker, Licensed Therapist, and Business Strategist with over a decade of experience teaching her clients how to simplify their business and the…

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