A Tale of Two Friends

19 Jun A Tale of Two Friends

Posted at 17:59h
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by Natalie Jill


I filmed this months ago on the way to an 80s party. It was before the virus, quarantine, social distancing, masks & before we entered a civil war in our country which has divided so many friends.

Allyson Allyson Byrd and I were meant to meet and become friends. When she left TX for CA she moved in with me for 2 months to recalibrate her health and inspire a physical revolution for her body.

She joked with me that she was my “only Black friend” (um not true) but she is a brutally honest (and intentionally disruptive) friend. Meaning she will always tell me EXACTLY how she sees things without holding back.

Our friendship grew while helping each other – I helped her with her health, she helped me with business, She taught me “soul food”, I taught her that kind of goodness is a special TREAT. I taught her to force her own vision, she taught me to be a better story teller and to tell a better story for my life, my business and my audience.

We enjoy so many girl talks. Just fun girl talks that go on for hours. We…

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