A healthy wine with no sugar or hangovers? YES… (keep reading!)

13 Jul A healthy wine with no sugar or hangovers? YES… (keep reading!)

OK lets get down to business here. Let’s talk WINE!

Oh, and before I forget, keep reading to the end and you can get a bottle for ONLY a penny…or $0.01 if you like numbers!

Many of my health conscious clients just like YOU love to ask me about WINE.

Vino, that tasty adult treat that so many of us enjoy with a nice meal, with friends, or just to melt the stress away after a long day!

The problem with wine has typically been the sugar, what you consume while drinking it, and of course the hangover & associated feelings after the fact!

But, clients still ask… CAN I DRINK WINE!?

I finally have some good news here…

Yes, you can!  BUT…

If you want to do it in the healthiest way possible..

then PLEASE make sure you get: Zero-Sugar Natural Wine – Dry Farm Wines!

Apparently, there are two main types of wine: commercial wines and Natural Wines. Most wines in the stores are commercial. They’re made with dyes, thickeners, flavoring, and more than 70 other government approved additives!

Because alcohol is regulated differently from other food, wine companies are not required to put an ingredients label on bottles, so you’d…

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