A Beginner’s Guide to the Credo of Keto

A Beginner’s Guide to the Credo of Keto

These days, it may seem to you that everyone and their dog are on a keto diet. People go crazy for keto. What is it? Does it really work? Here’s the lowdown.

How does Keto work?

The ketogenic lifestyle revolves around the principle of ketosis: a natural process the body initiates to burn fat as energy.

Let’s say that the cells of your body are like little cars. Your bloodstream is the road. When you eat a high-carb food, your body produces glucose and insulin. Glucose is your body’s go-to fuel; it’s like gasoline for your car. Insulin is like the gas pump. It’s the hormone that helps glucose enter your body’s cells so that they have the energy to travel around your body.

The truth is, however, that your body is composed of more than just sugar-eating monster trucks. Your cells can be Toyota Priuses. They can even be Teslas. And like gasoline, the cost of glucose can be high – especially when you are trying to lose weight.

Like a hybrid stores electricity every time you brake, your body stores fat cells as an energy reserve. If there is no glucose left in your body, your body produces what are called…

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