9 Plank Variations for Every Level to Try in Your Next Workout

I am sure you have all probably heard of a basic plank, but what about these challenging plank variations for every level?

Planks not only work your abs but also recruit your legs, arms, shoulders and your entire core. Plank-based movements are the foundation of my training and really help build total–body strength.

Why? Because you are not isolating a single muscle group. You are integrating many different muscle groups in a practical way that mimics real-life movement.

Not convinced you can get in an effective ab workout in only 5 minutes?

Then you haven’t tried planking. I have 9 of my favorite plank variations to share with you today so that you can really understand the power of a plank.

Beginner and Intermediate Plank Variations1. Plank T Rotations

This plank variation works your obliques and arms.

Roll your toes to the side and stack your feet on top of each other. Pause in plank position and check your engaged core. Rotate hips and shoulders at the same time.

2. Low Plank Taps

This fun alternative to the standard plank works your core, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings and triceps. 

Any kind of object will do. The faster you tap, the harder it gets! 

3. High Plank DumbBell Pull-Through

No dumbbell or similar piece of workout…

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