The nine most common exercises are Plank, Sit-Up, Bridge, Squat, Push-Up, Triceps Dip, Lunge, Side Lunge, and Donkey Kick. Performing common exercises may seem easy, but many people make easily avoidable mistakes that decrease the exercises’ effectiveness, or worse, lead to injury.

Learn how to perform the nine most common exercises the right way by following the images and descriptions below.

9 Most Common Exercises with Correct and Incorrect Examples

1. Plank

Plank mistake #1

One of the most common exercises is the classic Plank. It’s such a common exercise because it’s easy to do and hits the primary muscle groups (especially the core) throughout the body. It’s also an easy exercise to perform incorrectly.

Common Plank mistakes include hips pushed up instead of level. This reduces the load on your core; thus, missing most of the benefits of this common exercise. 

Dropping the hips is another frequent plank mistake. This happens when your core is too weak to sustain the proper position throughout the plank interval. Beware of dropping hips and decrease the time of your planks so that you maintain good form.

Check out the examples below to see the right and wrong ways to plank. The right way to plank is to keep your body in…

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