8 Warm-Up Exercises for Injury Prevention

It’s important to always include a warm up (and cool down) in your workout routine. This way you get your body ready for running or strength training and can prevent injuries. 

Why warm-up exercises are so important before a workout: 

You gradually increase heart rate and body temperature.
Muscles get warm; tendons and joints become more supple.  
Injury prevention.
Better mobility, flexibility, and mental focus. 

The benefits to using resistance bands in your fitness routine are significant; plus, they can make your warm up exercises more fun and interesting. Available in different sizes and strengths, you can use them to stimulate specific muscle groups.  

We’ve put together the 8 most effective warm-up exercises with resistance bands for you to get started. Do eight to ten reps of each exercise for two or three sets. This is a great way to warm up your whole body.

4 Upper Body Warm-Up Exercises with Resistance Bands 
1. Shoulder Circles

Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back and down. 
Grasp the exercise band in each hand and stretch your arms out to the sides. 
Move the resistance band up over your head and behind you, always maintaining tension on the band. Then move the band up and back…

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