7 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear

22 Apr 7 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear

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by Natalie Jill

Two scars, lots of muscle atrophy as you can see here in my arm…BUT the repair is there and now the rebuilding is happening!

Yesterday I was cleared for SOME light upper body training (shoulder, chest and triceps) and short forearm planks.

Adding this to the lower bodyweight moves I can do as of last week as well!

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I filmed this for you so you can see the moves and the progression.

I’ve maintained a lot of muscle in other areas and remained relatively lean over the last 8 weeks by walking daily and following what I teach nutrition (exactly what you all have downloaded in my home fit program) if you haven’t downloaded it yet you can still get this super discounted special HERE!


Natalie Jill


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