Couples’ workouts are a great way to spend time with someone while getting fit. They can also ruin relationships if poorly executed. Couples’ workouts can be particularly challenging if one partner is much fitter than the other. 

This post will help you make the most of couples’ workouts so that everyone can get in a challenging and fun activity together. 

Good to know:

These tips are also suitable for workout buddies and fitness partners—not just couples!

Benefits of Couples’ Workouts, Workout Buddies and Fitness Partners

Working out with someone else has many benefits:

Everyone is more likely to stay accountable to their fitness goals[1].A workout partner who is fitter than you can help you push yourself.Couples’ workouts can boost a couple’s sex life.Working out with a partner can deepen the relationship.Your partner can help you improve your technique.

However, couples’ workouts can be tricky to navigate. A fitter partner may feel like their less fit partner will hold them back. They could feel like they’re letting their partner or gym buddy down. The less fit partner may become demoralized.

These seven strategies will help you make the most of your couples’ workouts, whether they’re with a special someone,…

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