7 Best Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

by Viktoria Wolffhardt, Slalom Canoeist

Shoulder strengthening exercises are key to healthy, strong shoulders. Shoulders are very complex joints that we use daily from washing our hair to opening doors. Shoulder strengthening exercises don’t take much time, are easy to do, and will keep your shoulders healthy throughout your life. 

Recovering from injuries, warming up before working out, or just in between: you don’t need much time, equipment, or expensive machinery to strengthen your shoulders.

Why Shoulder Strengthening Exercises are Important

The shoulder provides 360-degrees range of motion. Muscles and ligaments stabilize it. The small contact area of the joint is what allows for such extreme mobility. The rotator cuff tendons stabilize the shoulder joint to keep the joint at the best position for the movement required. The extreme mobility of the shoulder joint also means it is very prone to injury.

The rotator cuff loses its elasticity and strength as it ages. A significant number of people will have labral (part of the rotator cuff) damage by the time they are merely 40. 

Sports that require overhead motions are especially risky to the shoulder. Sports like swimming, basketball, and contact sports pose special risks…

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