6 Things To Do Before and After a Workout

6 Things To Do Before and After a Workout

While getting a good sweat in might seem like a simple event, a lot goes into a proper workout. Whether you exercise for the endorphins or in hopes of losing a few pounds, it takes consistency and hard work to get the best results. Here are six before and after workout steps to get the most out of your routine. 

1. Make Yourself a Playlist Before You Start

If you’re not inspired while exercising, chances are you won’t be giving it your all. Indeed, music is a powerful mood booster that can not only help you perform but also motivate you to get out the door. A carefully chosen playlist can boost your performance as music helps you exert more energy while reducing your perceived effort. This means you can work out harder and longer without feeling the effects.

2. Fuel Up

No matter the relative difficulty or ease of your routine, taking protein before or after a workout plays a crucial role in repairing your muscles after activity, which naturally tear during exercise. This is because protein helps to rebuild your muscles, paving the way for maximum workout results. Also, adding more protein to your diet can help…

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