6 Myths Debunked and Tips for Finding the Best Running Shoes

It’s hard to think about running without also thinking about one piece of gear: running shoes. We usually put a lot of consideration into what goes on our feet when we are looking to buy new shoes. These days there is a wide range of different models on the running shoe market. This can make buying a new pair of running shoes quite a challenge!

From “barefoot shoes are perfect for a natural running style” to “light shoes make you faster”… The running world is full of opinions and myths. But how much truth is there to the opinions and “facts”? We talked to our expert Sascha Wingenfeld, and he showed us what really matters when it comes to finding the best running shoes for your needs.

Myth 1: “Barefoot shoes are perfect for a natural running style”

“Naturally, it is easier to run with efficient running form in minimalist shoes,” believes Sascha Wingenfeld. “Barefoot shoes force the runner to run on his or her forefoot, where only the balls of the feet make contact with the ground.” On the other hand, this technique places high demands on your muscles and puts a lot of impact on your ankles and knees. “Many recreational runners lack the necessary stabilizing muscles to be able to run in…

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