5 Signs You Need to Take a Rest

When we are feeling extra motivated and eager to see results, we may push ourselves too far with our training.

The reality is that muscles will get stronger when they have time to rest and recover. Moreover, everyone is in a different stage of their training. You must listen to your own body before comparing yourself to others. Pushing yourself far beyond your limits may result in overtraining, sickness, or sports injury. 

The Truth

Your performance, muscle mass, and overall vitality benefit from rest!

If you find yourself stuck on a progress plateau, it might be because you don’t train enough. But it might also be because you don’t rest enough! 

What is recovery?

According to award-winning sports journalist Christie Aschwanden, “recovery is a return to readiness; it’s all of the things that our body and mind need to get going again. At the most basic level, recovery is relaxation.”(1)

Here are a few signs you need a rest day and advice on what to do on rest days:

2. You’re Always Tired

If you’ve used our Sleep Cycle Calculator and are getting enough ZZZs but still feel exhausted, sore, and fatigued, you might need to take a break from exercise.(2)

According to Christie Aschwanden, “nothing trumps sleep when it comes…

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