5 of The Most Unique Diets You Won’t Hear About Anywhere Else

5 of The Most Unique Diets You Won’t Hear About Anywhere Else

Dieting can be tough enough as it is, but following the same old diets over and over again can get even more boring. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of new diets to try, including many you probably didn’t even know existed. Here are 5 of the most unique diets to try the next time you’re looking to drop a few pounds. 

1. Paleo Diet 

The paleo diet, or the hunter gatherer diet, has become increasingly popular in recent years. A paleo diet consists of the foods our primal ancestors would have eaten, including fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, and nuts. Coconut milk is my favorite drink in the paleo diet. Many people believe that by following this kind of diet, we are eating the foods that shaped our genetic makeup, which will have an extremely positive impact on our health. Health experts have mixed feelings about this diet’s results, but overall it contains a healthy balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, protein, fat, and carbs. It also is known to increase vitamin and nutrient levels. There are also many creative ways to cook paleo style, including quite a few yummy looking paleo…

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