The 5K is one of the most popular race distances because most runners can prepare for it in just a few weeks. This makes it a great opportunity for people to get their first taste of racing. However, despite its relatively short distance, beginners and more experienced runners should not underestimate this race. Because of its short length, it is possible to run at very high levels of intensity. If you are shooting for a new PB (personal best), the five kilometers can really push your body to the limits. 

1. Make high-intensity interval training part of your preparation

The five kilometers go by pretty fast, but this is also why running a 5K can be done at a very fast pace. You will definitely be running above your anaerobic threshold. This means that the oxygen you take in is no longer sufficient to metabolize the increasing lactate, which leads to a buildup of lactate in your body. Depending on how long you continue to run, this buildup inevitably leads to a drop in performance and perhaps even to complete exhaustion. High-intensity interval training can help you train your lactate threshold. This allows you to run at high speeds for a longer period of time.

2. A good warm-up routine makes you run faster

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